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Office Number: (920) 868-9100

No reported issues with the services.

If you are experiencing any troubles with our services, please give us a call at (920) 868-9100.


I have new Credit Card info, how can I get that updated?
Please give our office a call and we can update that information for you.
How are you keeping my payment(credit card, automatic withdrawl) information safe?
We use a trusted third party service to store payment information. Once we have the information in the system, we no longer have access to the specific payment details.
What if I don’t want autopay?
We are happy to meet customer requests. Due to the additional costs in handling manual billing, there is an additional $5 charge that will be applied monthly.
Who should I write the check out to?
Please make checks payable to "Door County Broadband, LLC."
Do I get anything for recommending your service?
You will receive Karma Points and a $50 credit towards your account for every successful install you recommend. Please be aware the newly installed customer has to mention your name before you can receive a credit.

If you have any questions you would like answered, please contact us via our contact page or give us a call at (920) 868-9100.


Can you use our existing phone line; we don’t use that anymore?
Our service doesn't use the phone lines. We use wireless broadband that get's recieved by a dish on your property that runs a cable to a router inside your house.
Can you use the cable I ran for my TV antenna?
We want to ensure a quality service and due to this, we install using only new equipment that we provide.
I’m building a home, can you run the cabling before I close the walls?
Yes. We would charge $75/hourly to run cabling.
When can I get installed?
We can generally get you in the schedule within 3-5 business days of calling.
Do I have to purchase a new router?
Yes. You have the option to purchase a supported router through Door County Broadband at time of installation. DCB offers support and a warranty for routers purchased through us. You can also purchase a router from a third-party retailer or use a router that you already own. Please be aware that third-party routers require additional configuration to operate. While DCB does not offer any support for third-party routers, we can provide you with the PPPoE information that you will need to get your router online.
Can I select the equipment used?
We use several different brands of equipment and use what we believe is the best option available for your location.
Can I pick the location of the equipment?
To a degree. Ultimately, our technician will only install where there is adequate signal to our tower. Our technician will work with you as best as possible on the day of the installation to ensure that the equipment is mounted in an acceptable location. If you have any qualms about equipment placement, it is best to make those issues known the day of install as a second visit to relocate equipment is subject to applicable service call charges.
I don’t want to see any cables, can you do that?
We try our very best in hiding installation cables.
Does there need to be any cabling?
Yes, we only use cabling for attaching the router to the dish.
My satellite TV works, why can’t your stuff?
We use service towers located on the Earth. Satellite technology is in outer space and doesn't face the same kind of obstructions we may encounter. Due to satellites being so far away though, their latency is generally much higher. This leads to increased response times that are unsuitable for gaming, video conferencing, etc.
Do you have to mount the dish on the roof?
No, you generally have options. The main goal is to get our equipment as clear of a view to one of our service towers as possible to obtain a strong signal quality. Occasionally, we get a better service off the roof. Depending on the situation, the install may incur additional charges. Definitively, this is always a case by case answer.
What if I can't currently get installed as is? Do I have options?
Sometimes, there are additional options. Since this is typically a case by case scenario, please give our office a call, and we can explain the different options available to you.
Why can’t you mount it where my satellite dish is?
Our equipment may not fit the holes left by the previous equipment. Due to this, we don't want to risk damaging anything.
My home owner association/landlord says I can't have a dish/antenna outside. How can I get your service?
Based on Federal law (Telecommunications Act of 1996) your homeowner’s association cannot restrict installation of antennas up to 1 meter (or 39 inches) in diameter when used for “fixed wireless” services. Our Broadband Internet service would fall under this guideline. Please refer to the Official Rules for additional information.

In addition: The rule prohibits most restrictions that:
  1. Unreasonably delay or prevent installation, maintenance or use
  2. Unreasonably increase the cost of installation, maintenance or use
  3. Preclude reception of an acceptable quality signal

Effective January 22, 1999, the Commission amended the rule so that it also applies to rental property where the renter has an exclusive use area, such as a balcony or patio. On October 25, 2000, the Commission further amended the rule so that it applies to customer-end antennas that receive and transmit fixed wireless signals. This amendment became effective on May 25, 2001. The rule applies to individuals who place antennas that meet size limitations on property that they own or rent and that is within their exclusive use or control, including condominium owners and cooperative owners, and tenants who have an area where they have exclusive use, such as a balcony or patio, in which to install the antenna. The rule applies to townhomes and manufactured homes, as well as to single family homes.
Can I give the installer a hug?
Yes, only if we can successfully install service for you. We only like to reinforce positive behavior.
Will it make my internet faster?
From our observations, you will receive Karma Points from hugs. Unfortunately, we haven't yet fiqured out how to convert those Karma Points into a faster internet connection. Though research continues...
How much wire will be run for my installation?
We allot 100ft of standard cable per install. The installers do carry additional standard cabling in case we have to go over the alloted amount. If we go over the alloted amount, there is an additional charge of $0.50 per foot of additional standard cabling. There is an extra charge for armored cable.

If you have any questions you would like answered, please contact us via our contact page or give us a call at (920) 868-9100.

General Questions

Why do you ask for Latitude and Longitude of our address?
Latitude and Longitude are much more accurate than addresses are. With this information, we are able to determine the exact location within our system that we are looking to provide service.
Do I need to be home when you install?
Yes, we require someone be available at the location during install. If you cannot arrange somebody to be available, we will have you sign an absentee form prior to the installation.
Where is your office?
Our office is located at 8024 Hwy 57 in Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin.
What are your plans?
We have several available plans for you to choose. Please see our Wireless Broadband, VoIP, and DCB Wifi pages for appropriate plans.
Can I use multiple devices at the same time?
Can I use my apple/smart tv with the service?
Yes, of course. Although you are free to use whatever devices you like with your Wireless Broadband service, we do have some recommendations. We have noticed that in general, Apple/Smart Tv\s require more bandwith, which may result in poor performance on lower-bandwidth plans. Generally, for the those devices, we recommend Gold service minimum. If you would like to stay on a lower-bandwidth plan, we recommend using a device like the Roku which performs better on low-bandwidth plans (based on customer feedback).
What if I do not own the property?
We will then need permission from the landlord to install on the property. We have a form available for you to pass on to your landlord.
Who’s responsible for burying cable if necessary?
The owner of the property is responsible.
Who owns the equipment?
The router and cabling belong to you, the customer. The radio unit that gets mounted outside is DCB property, and we will replace it if it malfunctions. If the malfunction is due to abuse, removal, acts of nature, or vandalism, you will be expected to reimburse DCB for the cost of the radio as well as any labor required to replace/repair the radio.
What if I don’t want to be under contract?
You have options if you do not want to be under contract. As an alternative to being under contract, you can pay $175 at time of install and not have to worry about a contract. If you are renting the residence, installation cost is $300, and there is no contract.
What if I am not happy with my service and I’m stuck in a contract?
We would strongly advise you give us a call at the office and explain your situation. We take very much pride in the services we provide and want to make sure we have happy customers with expectations set across the board.
Is there a trial?
We do not have plans at this time to institute home trials.
I thought it was wireless?
We are wireless. We just need one cable to attach the dish to the router. Other than that, we beam wireless signals to the dish on the property.
Is my wireless router an open door to my home?
A wireless router is an open door to your home. Most people use a wireless router so they can use their handheld devices. Wireless routers are great, but there are some very important reasons they need to be locked down with strong passwords:
  1. An open WiFi router or sharing your router password allows others to do illegal things that will be traced with you. DCB cooperates with law enforcement authorities to track down internet sexual predators. If the predator is parked near your house using your WiFi signal from their car, it appears to us to be coming from your home. What will happen is that the authorities will kick down the door at your house.
  2. Outsiders can use your Wifi to attack others or to hack into other’s computers and accounts. With a strong antenna they can be a half mile away and still use your WiFi. Again, the activity will register as happening inside your home.
  3. A sophisticated hacker can take over your computers in your home and make them repositories and servers for inappropriate content, stolen credit card numbers or a plethora of illegal information. You would not even know it was happening in many cases.
  4. An open router allows outsiders to actually see what web pages and other content you are looking at.
  5. Allowing a friend of neighbor to use your WiFi connection and your internet account is called “Theft of Service”. You are collaborating in allowing them to commit a crime and you are jeopardizing your own service too.

If you have any questions you would like answered, please contact us via our contact page or give us a call at (920) 868-9100.


What if my internet goes down, how will I make calls?
If you have a cell phone, you can use that device, otherwise if your internet service becomes temporarily unavailable, you will have to use a pre-existing phone jack on the premises. This will only permit emergency calls.
Will my internet be affected when I make calls?
Technically, yes. But realistically nothing noticeable.
Is the equipment mine after purchase?
Could you install the VoIP for me?
Yes, we can install the equipment for you for our hourly service call rate.
When is the soonest I can use VoIP?
If you have our wireless service and we have equipment in stock, then right away.
How many dedicated phones can I have hooked up?
You can have as many dedicated lines as you would like. Every VoIP adapter can accommodate two lines.
Let’s say I want to switch internet providers or discontinue service, can I still use your VoIP services.
Simply, no. The service would become unavailable to you as soon as the wireless service is suspended/discontinued.

If you have any questions you would like answered, please contact us via our contact page or give us a call at (920) 868-9100.